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Bring a little piece of the world with you everywhere you go with the Artisan Series from Fantas Watch Bands.

Here at Fantas, we know the importance of celebrating and appreciating different cultures worldwide - that's why we're starting the Artisan Series. Bringing you bands from artisans around the world, made with high-quality materials and inspired by the country where they come from.

Look good and stay active with our watch bands. These bands come in a special design, but has the breathability of the Silicone. Because of this unique design, it is perfect for those seeking a quality and light silicone band. With many designs to choose from, you can’t go wrong with choosing this Watchband for your collection.

Fantas® Artisan Bands :

  • Material - Vulcanized LSR Silicone
  • Texture - Hypoallergenic / Biocompatible / Antimicrobial
  • Compatibility - Compatible with 44mm / 42mm Apple Watches / Designed for Apple Watch All Series 
  • Technical - Resist a 5-20 kg lateral slide-out force when installed in Apple Watch / Waterproof
  • Certifications - 72 hour salt mist test as specified in ASTM B117, ROHS

Fantas Watch Bands are compatible with all versions Apple Watch®. The Artisan Design watch band will best fit all wrist sizes. 



Artisan Sport Bands are sold with 3-pieces, with both the SM (Small/Medium) and ML (Medium/Large) bands. This way, the band will fit comfortably regardless of your wrist size! The Classic Silicone watch band will best fit a wrist size between 130mm to 220mm.

The band is molded entirely from durable LSR silicone, a naturally biocompatible, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic material, making for a smooth, safe and comfortable fit around your wrist. The strap’s face spans the width of the watch itself, projecting a rugged yet sharp presence with its smooth chamfers and intricate crosshatch surface.























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