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The Link Bracelet might not have been the first type of watch band, but they've become one of the most popular. And it's easy to see why — metal looks great on metal. It feels great too, harkening back to bracers and armor. It's now a classic, in both the best and worst senses of the word. You can find it on highest end watches from the highest end watchmakers, but few if any of them have done any serious innovation on the form.

Crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the case, the Link Bracelet has more than 100 components. The machining process is so precise, it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single band. The custom butterfly closure folds neatly within the bracelet. And several links feature a simple release button, so you can add and remove links without any special tools.

Professional style made with heavy weighted metal, available in various colors. You are bound to stand out among the crowd.

Apple's band-swapping process, in general, is clever — push a button, slide out the old band, and slide in the new. Apple's Link Bracelet sizing mechanism is genius — six links on either side have a button; push it and the link disconnects; remove the link and the band is re-sized. That eliminates the need to go to a jeweler or to get an expensive set of jewelers tools just to get the proper fit. That's not just great for us; that's great for the watch industry.

Apple has also designed a custom butterfly closure. It folds so flat that it's barely distinguishable from the links. Then, thanks to a third button mechanism just as clever and ingenious as the first two, it easily, elegantly opens right back up again.

The result is something that looks as phenomenal as it works, and that's what truly great design is all about.

Fantas Watch Bands are compatible with all versions Apple Watch®, including All Series, SE.


  • Size - 38mm / 40mm / 41mm  135-195mm wrists , 42mm / 44mm / 45mm: 140-205mm wrists.

The Link watch band will best fit a wrist size between 135mm to 205mm. If you need this band to fit larger wrists, you can buy additional links.

there're more than 100 components involved, and the machining involved is so precise it takes 9 hours to cut them for each and every band. Once assembled, the links are hand-brushed. Apple says it's to make sure the texture follows the contours of the band, and that may well be true. It greatly reduces shine and glare on the band, however, which could otherwise be distracting or even annoying to the eye.

On the spec sheet, the Link Bracelet is the heaviest band offered for the Apple Watch. 65g for the 38-41mm version and 75g for the 42-45mm. (The 38-41mm Link Bracelet fits wrists that are 135mm to 195mm, and the 42-45mm fits 140mm to 205mm.) In practice, like any Link Bracelet, once you start wearing it you quickly acclimatize.

Because of the high-quality materials, is using, and the manufacturing skill the company has brought to bear, the Link Bracelet itself feels as good as it looks. The stainless steel version is impeccable. Its the stuff of dragon scales, Batmobiles, or Krypton. I realize how that sounds, but I also realize how this feels — like metal but denser and darker. I can't emphasize how terrific the effect is.

Wear is a different story. had stainless steel Link Bracelets previously, so familiar with the material. If you're not, here's what you need to realize: they scuff and scratch. It's absolutely normal. The end piece on my Milanese Loop, also stainless steel, started showing obvious signs of both a week into wearing it. If you want to buff it out periodically, you can take it to an experienced jeweler who offers the service or get some supplies and do it yourself. Or, you can embrace the wear and enjoy the look as it ages. Welcome to the world of stainless steel watches.




If you like the look of a classic metal link watch band, this is an excellent dressier option. It comes in a variety of colors and both sizes, so you're covered no matter which stainless steel Apple Watch you own.

We provide the tools and instructions on how to adjust this band yourself. Many of our customers happily adjust the band themselves. However, if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can take it to your local jeweler (anywhere that can change a watch battery ). The Stainless Steel watch band will best fit all wrist sizes. 







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