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A modern interpretation of design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialized Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. An additional diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer gives the space black stainless steel its distinctive finish.

Experience stylish elegance with our Milanese watch bands. The tightly knit Milanese mesh is lightweight and surprisingly soft against your skin. Using a unique loop and magnetic clasp design, you can easily adjust this band for the perfect fit. 

The Milanese loop is one of two stainless steel band options for the Apple Watch. Lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjustable, it's a worthy option to consider if you're wanting something dressy, breathable, and easy to take on and off. It's also gender-neutral, and a majority of the people I've spoken with really like it. While getting just the right fit may be a challenge at first, the Milanese loop is a pleasure to wear and is definitely worthy of consideration when choosing an Apple Watch band.

  • Flexible stainless steel Milanese mesh band fully protected watch.
  • Adjustable magnet clasp design of the wristband, no buckle needed, just easily stick and lock your Apple Watch.
  • Easily applied and removed, just one click to install and easy push to remove.
  • Exquisite gift box packaging, give yourself, family, friends, the best gift.


Fantas Watch Bands are compatible with all versions Apple Watch®, including All Series. The Milanese Loop Steel Mesh watch band will best fit all wrist sizes.



The Milanese loop is, as the name would suggest, based on a design first developed in Milan in the late 1800s. It is mesh-like in texture, almost reminding me of the feel of a soft bath towel. The band is very flexible, and yet it's also as durable as one would expect from stainless steel. It fastens using a magnetic closure; adjust the fit as you would a traditional Watch band, then simply place the magnet to secure the band.

As the band is one uniform piece of steel, you can place the magnet wherever you like on the band and it will be secure. To take the band off, pull the magnet away from the band and loosen the band. Getting the Watch on and off is as simple as could be, and I've read that it's also very accessible to people with fine motor disabilities--something which cannot be said of every Apple Watch band.



How secure is the magnetic fastening? It definitely stays in place and I cannot easily dislodge it. If it does come undone (usually only if the magnetic fixing is deliberately pulled away from the band) it will immediately grab another part of the strap. When removing the Watch from the wrist, the strap stays in place on the watch since the magnetic end cannot pass through the watch lugs. Because of this the watch cannot easily be pulled off the wrist by muggers and there is no danger of it falling off inadvertently.

Above all, the Milanese Loop is a high-quality watch band that perfectly complements the polished steel finish of the Apple Watch. It is far better than I imagined, both in appearance and in use. As I have written before, I am now addicted to the Watch and I find it difficult to imagine going back to an old-fashioned analog timepiece. If I did have any hankerings for the quality of a fine Swiss watch, the Milanese Loop has managed to quell them.












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